About me and my beautiful home garden

My name Olga. I live in Germany. For many years I have been growing and collecting African violets. They are my favorite plants.

My collection contains about 1250 AV varieties. You can read how I started my collection in "African violet and gesneriad world today almanac" (2021)

Also, since 2020, I have about 600 varieties of Episcias, Philodendrons, Syngoniums and Hoyas in my collection.

I hope you take pleasure having visited my home garden.

If you have any questions, then please to contact me via mail 24/7:


African Violet

My collection has about 1250 varieties of African violets such as Watermelon Snow, Rose Bouguet, Allegro Watermelon Ruffles and many, many others.

Rare African Violets

I also have many rare varieties in my collection which are more difficult to find such as Emperor, Kingwood Blue, Dean's Silver Veil.

Russian African Violet

There are also many popular Russian/Ukrainian violets on my page such as LE-Miya, SK-Yabloneviy Sad, DS-Volshebniy Buton, OS-Dzhungarik, Vi-Niagara,  N-Neytiry


Also in 2021, I got interested in plants like hoyas. As of September 2022, my hoyas collection has about 250 varieties. You can find such varieties at my site as Hoya carnosa Wilbur Graves, Hoya carnosa Argentea Princess, Hoya tengchongensis silver, Hoya coriacea silver, Hoya Silver Dollar and others.