Saintpaulia ionantha subsp. grotei

Saintpaulia ionantha subsp. grotei (S 5b) ‘Silvert’.
Single pale mauve to deep blue-purple, 1-4 per peduncle, rarely 6.
Leaves broadly oval to elliptic, medium green above, pale green or tinged with purple beneath,
edges coarsely wavy or toothed, upper surface with appressed hairs.
Saintpaulia ionantha subsp. grotei, which is native to Africa (as the name suggests) in Kenya and Tanzania, is a tender, herbaceous, flowering perennial for indoor use that grows up to 15 cm tall and up to 30 cm wide. It can be multi-stemmed but usually grows as a single-crowned plant. It has purple flowers and medium-sized, green, slightly serrated and quilted leaves.

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